It’s time to blog about music!

When I first started out in music nearly 35 years ago in Atlanta, GA, there was no internet on which to post a blog and reach out to people.  It was purely word of mouth and networking for me.  A ton has changed in the world since I stepped off that Greyhound Bus on June 1st, in 1985.  Flash ahead to today- 2019.  Here I am, Doug Gazlay- Pianist and DJ- blogging away!  I can’t believe it!

So now the question is:  “Hey, Doug!  What are you gonna’ Blog about?”  Well, it’s simple.  I’m going to write posts and record videos about music.  What kind?  Specifically all kinds that can be performed for Weddings, Private Parties and events.  That’s the kind of entertainer I am.  Not a Virtual DJ (which is the computer program I use to Spin tunes), but as a flesh and blood, walking data base of playlists that are stuck in my head, just waiting to be shared online.

As a wedding Emcee, I’ve performed for clients who have chosen each of my Wedding Piano and DJ Packages and have seen what has worked well and what has fallen flat.  And I’m going to be your personal, informative “Mobile DJ Spy” into what can help make your wedding, reception or corporate party come to life.    Why? Because I love my clients and I want the best party possible for each and every on of ’em.   And with professionalism and humor, I’ll do just that.  So, let’s par——-ty!’

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