3 Ceremony music ideas and styles that work every time

3 Ceremony music ideas and styles that work every time

Oh my gosh!  Your wedding day is almost here and you’ve put off the music for your wedding ceremony because you’re just not sure what would work best for your event.  Below are three ideas to help! 

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Three styles of music for your wedding ceremony

#1) Pre-recorded music

Consider taking all the guess work out of how the music will sound by using pre-recorded tracks for both Prelude and the Ceremony.  Can be instrumental versions of popular songs or great Classical recordings.  Actually, it’s whatever your heart desires here.  No limits.  It does not have to be a big production either.  A single quality speaker  and someone who can operate an iPod smoothly can do the trick!   Ask if your venue has a built in sound system that your DJ can plug into for a bigger sound. 
NOTE: Either way, make sure he/she has a clear view of the wedding party coming down the aisle.  It’s important for cues to be correctly made!

#2) Live musicians

This option requires a little more research.  Be sure to hire musicians that are capable, responsible and will show up on time!  When you find them, you and your guests will be delighted to hear  romantic ceremony music played by possibly a string quartet, violin, guitarist, harpist or (my favorite,  of course) a pianist!  There is such joy that fills  the room when the performer is really good at presenting a pleasing playing style.   It is a bit more expensive the more players that you add into the mix.  But, if budget is no problem – hire an orchestra! 

#3) Mix of both live musicians and pre-recorded music

This is definitely the best of both music worlds. If your favorite musician can handle 99% of the music want played for the prelude, but is not trained in the style you want for your entrance and exit (i.e.- not classically trained), use an iPod at this point so you have exactly the music you want for your wedding ceremony.   Some keyboard players can integrate an iPod directly into their keyboard so, there is no extra set-up needed.  I use an iPod in this method from time to time and it works beautifully.   One time in particular- a bride wanted Video Game Theme Songs to enter and exit.  It was easily delivered on iPod!  

Conclusion- and a reminder- Don't forget the Prelude!

So, now you have three different approaches to the types of music to consider for a wedding ceremony.  It’s really up to your music taste and your budgetary considerations.  Whichever way you go, please, please, please- (and again, I say- Please!) remember that you need music while your guests are arriving.  This is called the “Prelude”. It usually runs for about 15-30 minutes before the ceremony starts.  Make sure the people in charge of this time have plenty of music ready, just in case there is a delay in the start of your event. 

Here is where it may be sentimental to have your dear Uncle Matt play his guitar.  It makes for a great background sound. Then, crank up the music with iPod tracks for the actual start of the wedding.

These are my suggestions/ideas to mix it up and help your special day go much more smoothly.  Wishing you a happy weddi



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