About Doug Gazlay

Doug Gazlay - Pianist and DJ pianistdj.com
Doug Gazlay - Pianist and DJ pianistdj.com
  • Owner of PianstDJ.com
  • Sole entertainer at PianistDJ.com
  • Originally from Jackson, MI
  • Moved to the ATL in 1985
  • Served as Music Director at various churches
  • Pianist for upscale retail stores and restaurants
  • Doug’s BINGO host at Monterrey Mexican Restaurant in Smyrna, GA on Thursday nights
  • Web designer and Social posting work for past 10 years
  • A graduate of the Stand-up Comedy class offered by Jeff Justice

Pianist/DJ for Private parties, weddings & receptions

The most consistent pleasure I’ve had over the years is being  the Pianist and DJ for many metro-Atlanta residents.  Clients past include Frances Tarkenton (Christmas parties & events), as well as other Atlanta clients.  I’ve worked with venues such as Something Special at Lillian Gardens (Newnan, GA), The Mill Center (Jasper, GA), The Cotton Mill (Jasper, GA), and many more in Metro-Atlanta, GA.

Interesting personal facts

I am…..
…fiercely pro-America and patriotic
…always trying to make people laugh and feel better when down
…m​y own most worst critic
…a huge horror movie buff
…great at predicting story plots
…a sucker for an “infomercial”
…a fanatic about decorating the house and yard for holidays, especially Halloween and Christmas

I have….
…always struggled with weight issues
…composed and arranged music
…written original shows and musicals
…done stand-up Comedy: graduated at the Punchline, Atlanta, GA
…always been loyal to a fault
…lead with my heart and not my head

I also…
…create art in acrylics, pastels, watercolors and pencil

Doug's original musical show- MABLE'S CHRISTMAS collectible book cover
Doug's original painting- SUNNY FLOWERS. An ode to van Gogh.
Doug's version of the "Nightmare Before Christmas" display from Halloween 2018.